My birthday was last week–the big 3-8.

I’m not a huge birthday person. I like my birthday, but I never have a party or any kind of big to-do over it. 

I guess this year I could have really blown it out, all things considered, but I kept it low-key, spending the day with my son followed by a chill girls’ night.

In addition to that, I received so many kind wishes from family and friends, which really made the day special. And those wishes seemed a little extra-sweet this year. It’s funny how a bad medical diagnosis makes you realize the significance of things. It helps you see how each birthday truly is a gift. 

So, while I didn’t have a huge party, I spent the day with people I love. And despite everything I have going on right now, that made this birthday one of the best yet.

Birth Day


Our first family photo

Two years ago today, my baby boy was born.

Like most parents, I cannot believe how fast the time goes. It feels like just yesterday that I was pregnant. Looking at this photo, it’s hard to believe that little peanut is now a rambunctious two-year-old boy who sang “Happy Birthday” to himself this morning.

I remember the day he was born so vividly. I was three days overdue and was induced because they didn’t want me to go too long past my due date because of my age (35 is ancient in child-bearing years). The labor process via induction was long and painful. At first, very little happened. Then I got pitocin and the doctor broke my water, and things got real (and by real, I mean seriously painful). Contractions on pitocin are no joke. After laboring for a while on my own, I could no longer take the pain and got an epidural (a magical, wonderful thing).

Even after all that, he wasn’t progressing enough, and my blood pressure was rising, so the doctor made the call to do a c-section. I was disappointed because I wanted to do it on my own, and also afraid because a c-section is fairly major surgery.

But, it all went well. Even though I was terrified, the moment I heard Alex’s first cry made every bit of it worth it. I relived that moment this morning as I held his wiggling toddler body as he slept next to me in our bed, marveling at how much has changed in just two short years.

So, happy birthday to my sweet boy. I love you more than you will ever know.