It’s Just Hair

I cut my hair this week.

Knowing that it’s going to fall out once I start chemo, I figured it would be easier to deal with that loss if less hair was actually hitting the floor/shower/pillow.

A haircut might not sound like a big deal, but for a long hair devotee like me, it’s a major change. How major? This is the last time I had short hair:


In case you can’t tell by my amazing fashion and way-cool Geo Storm, this is 1999.

That’s right folks, I haven’t had short hair since the ’90s, when I was growing out my Dharma & Greg haircut (I also had the Rachel–I was really into sitcom hair back then).

I love my long hair. It’s thick and shiny and pretty.


R.I.P., long hair.

I told my stylist about my cancer diagnosis, and she was understandably shocked and saddened. She’s been styling my hair for nearly a decade now, and she and I have known each other through getting married, buying houses, having kids–all the big stuff.

Since she knows me so well, I knew she’d be able to help me through this process. We decided on a sassy layered bob. I probably should have gone shorter, but this was already pretty drastic for me, so I decided to stick with what felt comfortable.

But first, I had to take care of my roots.



I know it was probably stupid to spend good money on highlights for hair that’s going to fall out in a few weeks, but getting my color done just felt normal and good. I need every chance I can get to feel normal and good right now.

The actual process of getting my hair cut wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. A few snips and it was gone. And once my amazing stylist was finished, I actually felt excited about my new ‘do.


Hello, awkward selfie.

I know this look won’t last long, but I’m enjoying it while I can. In fact, I’m actually thinking about staying short once my hair grows back in.

I know the real hair drama is still ahead of me. My stylist made me promise to call her when I’m ready for the clippers. I know that cut will be different and much less fun. But, hair grows back, and right now I’m trying to remember that it’s a small price to pay to meet a much greater goal.


7 thoughts on “It’s Just Hair

  1. It both is and isn’t “Just Hair” that seems fabulous that you are taking some time for eleventh hour self care. My friend helped me have a henna spa day- including drawing blessing designs on my cancering breast. This is a time to call in all your magic, and surround yourself with talismans.
    Sending love and light from across the blogosphere

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    • I love that so much–re: the henna spa day! I agree that any little thing that helps is worth it at this point. We need all the help we can get! Love to you!


  2. Your new bob looks fantastic! You are in exactly the same place that I was this time last year. I had long blonde hair like yourself and went for the bob before starting chemo. I found losing my hair one of the hardest parts of having cancer and treatment. I’m now 8 months post chemo and have a thick curly mop now (complete opposite to how it was before!)… and it does grow quickly! Good luck with your chemo xx


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