Chemo Crash

I started chemo on Thursday. The first time is filled with questions: How will I feel? Will it hurt? Will I get sick?

Obligatory chemo selfie

For me, it just felt weird. I can’t really explain it any other way. There wasn’t pain, and thanks to anti-nausea meds, I didn’t get sick beyond feeling a little queasy.

On Friday, I felt good enough to go wig shopping and have lunch with my son, who is staying with family this weekend (good preparation on my part). I was tired enough for two little naps, but not overly wiped out.

Fast-forward to today, Saturday. Holy hell, am I pooped. I have slept almost all day. Eating is an exhausting chore. I can barely muster the energy to text back well-meaning friends checking on me. This blog post is probably the biggest thing I’ve done all day.

I really hope tomorrow is better. A restful day is nice, but this is a little much.