Good News

Today was a very scary day with a very happy ending.

This morning, I climbed back in the ol’ MRI tube to get my head scanned. There are few things in this world scarier than having a scan of your brain to check for cancer. And waiting all day for the results is no picnic, either.

By the time my doctor called, I was about to crawl out of my skin. But then he said those magic words: “no cancer.” The only thing the MRI picked up was a small cyst on my pituitary gland, which he said was common and not a cause for concern.

I wasn’t expecting it with this news, but I sobbed. The mixture of relief, gratefulness and sheer joy at hearing good news was just overwhelming–in a good way.

I will still have a PET scan to check the rest of my body, which also is a pretty scary prospect, but for today, I’m happy and just enjoying this win.

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