Spreading the Word


Hi there! I’ve been pretty busy writing about my experiences with cancer, and also talking to some major news outlets about post-cancer life.

I wrote this essay for HelloGiggles about how my husband and I navigated my cancer diagnosis and treatment.

And I was interviewed by Good Morning America after a reporter there saw my piece in Glamour on post-cancer premature menopause. I discussed that topic and how premature menopause is just one more difficult part of my post-cancer life.

Obviously since I’m a professional writer, this is all part of building my career. But it goes beyond that for me. Almost every time I write something about my experiences, total strangers reach out to me to share that they’re grateful for my words because they capture the same feelings and experiences they’ve had. When I was going through treatment, I was so thankful for all those who gave their time to me–volunteers in the hospital, survivors who shared their experiences, strangers who offered me unsolicited words of encouragement. I vowed to myself that once I got on the other side of this, I’d give back, too. And while I’d love to volunteer at the cancer center or take part in a fundraising event, I still have too much emotional baggage to give back in that way. So this is how I do it–if my writing can make even one person feel less lonely and more seen, then it’s worth it to me.

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