Treatment Update


A lot of people ask how I’m doing (which is so nice and makes me feel so loved), so I thought I’d do an update for anyone who follows this blog.

I’m just coming off my gap week after my second chemo treatment. That means today, I feel pretty dang good. I have my third treatment on Thursday. It’s the next-to-last in this round of chemo. Once I finish this portion (which is multiple drugs and the most intense part), I’ll start 12 weeks of weekly treatments with just one drug. This part is supposed to be easier.

After each treatment, it takes me about a week to feel halfway normal again. Usually, each day is better than the last. My symptoms have been fairly mild, thus far–a feeling of queasiness, but no vomiting (thanks, anti-nausea meds!), fatigue and the brain fog. And, of course, my hair has fallen out. I still have some fuzz on my head, but that’s steadily coming out, too. I’ll likely be totally bald by this time next week. But, I have a really nice wig, some hats and scarves and I’m also planning to buy some fun wigs once all the Halloween stuff comes out (my timing on all of this is pretty good, wig-wise).

Another side effect is that my immune system takes a major hit about a week after each treatment. I go in for lab work each week after chemo, and my white blood cell counts have been very low each time (this is totally normal). My doctor gives me antibiotics as a preventative measure, and I’m washing my hands so much they’re starting to get a little raw. But, better red skin than a nasty bug I can’t shake.

Mentally, I’m doing pretty well. I have my bad days/moments, for sure, but I’m hanging in there. My son is pretty oblivious to what’s going on, other than rubbing my head a lot and saying, “Mama hair gone.” But I think he thinks this is pretty cool rather than being disturbed by it. Thank goodness for small blessings.

I have an appointment next week with the plastic surgeon to talk about reconstruction after my bilateral mastectomy. All of that will likely take place after the first of the year.

I also plotted out on my calendar the remainder of my chemo schedule. I will be done just before Christmas. I really can’t think of much better timing or a more perfect gift. 🙂







One thought on “Treatment Update

  1. “Mama hair gone” killed me when I read that. … You’re still taking your probiotic right? I was going to make you beet kvass on Sunday and my beets had gone bad. 😦 This week! I hope the worst of your chemo is over. Christmas isn’t that far away my dear. 💜 Hang in there.

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