7 thoughts on “I’m on HuffPost Personal!

  1. I love your image of being ‘wrapped in the cocoon of the cancer treatment process’. When I was given the NED declaration I felt like I was dropped in the middle of a lake in a rickety row boat without oars, with no wind in sight. Another woman I talked to felt like she stepped off a crowded bus into an arid desert and the bus drove away.

    Thank you for your well-written essay.

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  2. I read your Huff Post article and just wanted to thank you. While I am a man who have survived stage 4 throat cancer rather than Breast cancer, your article sounded exactly like my survival experiences. I too have often joked that I hope I am still alive to see future events. I too have become lost in the changes post survival, and often feel like survival was maybe not the best outcome. I was always a positive, upbeat, dreamer. Now I am none of that and feel lost to this disease, and have no idea how to stop it all. Anyways your article resonated with me deeply and I just wanted to thank you for writing it.

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    • I am so glad that it touched you! I think pretty much anyone who’s survived this awful disease feels these things, yet we never really talk about it. I feel like it’s the big secret of cancer, and no one really wants to recognize that life after treatment is so very hard.
      Sending love and good thoughts your way!


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