Sharing My Story

Hello, and longtime, no post! I remember reading cancer blogs not long after being diagnosed and getting frustrated when the blogger stopped posting. Now I know why those posts tapered off: In the best case scenario, the blogger’s treatment works and they’re able to move on with their life. I admit that’s what has happened here. While I still write about my experience with cancer, I haven’t been as active on this blog because my life revolves less around that part of my life and more on my work, family, happy things.

That said, I recently appeared on the amazing Ladybits & Leadership podcast to talk about my struggle with cancer treatment and moving on after that treatment ends. Life after cancer is a mixed bag–joy, relief, anxiety, fear. I feel all those emotions, as do others who’ve gone through this experience. And I hope that by sharing my story on a larger platform, I can help make others feel less alone.

Want to listen to the podcast? Find it anywhere you get podcasts or here.


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